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About Us


People, Planet, Profits



R&C has a history of commitment to Pakistan’s Industry. We take full responsibility for equipment sold, serviced parts and training of our customer’s technicians to take the best results.


Our 4-S Concept Provides Customers with Sales, Service, Spares and Solutions.


In business since 1980 and specializing in distribution of Industrial Machinery, our services for Pakistan’s industry in Compressed Air Systems make the Rastgar name synonymous with customer’s satisfaction.

Rastgar’s dedicated team of trained engineers exceeds expectation of our customers, together with a reliable range of Air Compressors from CompAir, SAMSUNG, Hydrovane, and Quantima. All sectors of the compressed air production like oil free, turbo, water injected, vane and screw compressors are available from Rastgar, to suit all needs of our customers.

More than 3000 installation in all industrial sectors of Pakistan continue to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated source together with Rastgar service and support facilities.

Rastgar association with Gardner Denver enables us to meet your needs of Nitrogen Generators.

Ethics Policy

Our values define who we are and how we interact with our people and customers. The enduring principles that guide every course of our action are our core values:


  • We create a framework for synergies.
  • To harness synergies, we create a win-win proposition for all our members.


  • Reverence is a state of our collective thoughts.
  • To promote harmony and prosperity, we create a sense of reverence for our members and the community at large.


  • We stand by our words.
  • Integrity is the supreme principle followed by Rastgar.


  • We keep our promises.
  • To uphold our reputation and honour, we think and act with conviction to deliver on our commitments. 


  • We drive to initiate.
  • We rely on self-initiative and we remain change oriented. We anticipate customer’s needs and provide a complete solution.


  • We feel responsible for our community.
  • To be just and to be a guiding light for future generations, we act in accordance with social responsibility, human rights, and business ethics. We do not associate with corrupt practices of any kind including bribery and illegal gratification

Services Specialised to Meet Needs of Industrial Customers

Meeting your needs as a manufacturer is in our DNA. Our experienced staff is available for specialist advice to suggest the best solutions for the following:

  • Compressed Air and Gas Requirements
  • Audit of Compressor Installations
  • Upgrade and Optimize Existing Facilities
  • Service Contract
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Design of Air Installations


Training & Technical Seminars


At Rastgar we believe in keeping all our team members as well as our customers well abreast of the developments in their respective fields. Therefore, in-house training is our regular feature at Rastgar & Co. These are usually conducted in collaboration with European Experts who are specialists in their respective fields.

Service, Sales and Spares Staff undergo continuous training at Rastgar & Co. Most in-house training is imparted by experts from CompAir, Hydrovane and Quantima and other Principles. All maintenance staff is encouraged to upgrade their expertise by Training Sessions in Pakistan and Abroad. Customers are always invited to attend Rastgar & Co Trainings Scheduled from time to time.

Customers’ In-House training can also be arranged on request.