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Hanwha Power Systems : Engineered Air Compressors : API672 Air Compressor

Engineered Air Compressors : API672 Air Compressor


Key Design Features

  • The use of water cooled heat exchangers and closed circuit water to air cooling system.
  • Maintain high efficiency for operating economy.
  • Meet client’s recognized high standard of design and engineering.
  • Provide a generous skid package, with ‘walk around access’ of at least 760mm at all points.
  • All instruments, readout and access panels between 500mm and 1500mm above skid floor level.
  • Low noise level of core design to allow uninterrupted access to the full skid without using sound canopy.
  • Use only approved sub vendors.

Air Separation

  • Air separation, a key process in industrial manufacturing for over 100 years, still remains integral to efficient operations.
  • Moreover, it grows even more significant today, as an increasing number of industries demand its products.
  • Various manufacturing processes require oxygen, nitrogen and argon gases from air separation.
  • Compressors used in the air separation process to produce the purified products.
  • Hanwha Power Systems can supply main air compressors, nitrogen or air boosters, cryogenic expanders, etc.
    1. MAC (Main Air Compressor)
    2. BAC (Booster Air Compressor)
    3. MNC ( Main Nitrogen Compressor)
    4. RNC (BNC, Recycle Nitrogen Compressor)
    5. Nitrogen Booster Compressor
    6. Cryogenic expander