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Hanwha Power Systems : Industrial Air Compressors

Plant Air – SM Series

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Stable Operation

  • Complying with global industry standards as ISO9001 , API672 and customer specific requirements
  • 100% Oil-Free compressed air without any contamination: ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certification
    • ISO 8573-1 specifies purity classes of compressed air with respect to particles, water and oil independent of the location in the compressed air system at which the air is specified or measured
  • Using three-dimensional design system to eliminate potential design flaws in the design phase
  • Thorough quality control system in every single process to get rid of any risks
  • The fastest growing in the industry since 1997
  • Certified by major players in various industries in ME, Europe, Americas etc.

 Saving the Budget

  • High efficiency oriented components and low maintenance design will provide customers with lower life-cycle cost
  • Energy saving analysis to diagnose current status and find the root cause of energy waste can minimize the unnecessary cost and keep customers’ profit high


  • Preventive maintenance program provides a guideline or an actual check service for keeping customer’s equipment healthy
  • Remote Monitoring System does daily check of customer’s equipment, and provides prompt alarm/notification service once any problem happens
  • RUSH112 service and wide range of service network minimizes downtime when emergency situation occurs

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System Air – SM100 Series

System Air - SM100 Series.jpg

Driving Performance : SM100 Series

  • Flexible packages according to your needs
  • Packaged plug & play type for easy installation
  • Standard type without base frame, silencer, cooling water manifold and enclosure
  • Silencer and cooling water manifold can be added as an option
  • Advanced efficiency and performance through design modification
  • Thrust collar applied to enhance operation reliability and mechanical efficiency by reducing mechanical loss and oil consumption
  • Labyrinth seal of non-contacting type minimizing mechanical loss and needs of replacement
  • Reduced distance between shafts to minimize oil mist friction and mechanical loss for improved performance and isothermal efficiency

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Plant Air – SME Series

Plant Air - SME Series.jpg

Benefits from Compactness

  • Integrated lubrication system including cooler and oil tank improves maintainability and this structure enables to drain oil easily.
  • Separated aftercooler allows easy and flexible customized layout so that customers can make better use of space
  • Compact package fitting into 20ft standard container makes easy and low-cost transport

“Integrated lubrication system makes better use of your work place”

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Air Cooled – SA Series

Air Cooled - SA Series

  • SM2000-derived product that reflected the market    demands and cutting-edge air dynamic technology
  •  Module engineering with largely reduced maintenance time compared to non-module type compressor
  •  One-body package design where every component is mounted on the base frame
  •  Low-noise enclosure of full-open structure with high openness (0ptional)

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Turbo Blower – HB Series

HB Series is the single stage centrifugal turbo blower directly coupled with a permanent magnetic motor. Customers can economically and environmentally get benefit from HB Series which is suitable for the customers’ applications.