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Air Usage Description
Fluidization of Product
Compressed air is mixed with products such as coal dust to cause fluidization. This then make these products much easier for material handling and conveying.
Reverse Jet Filtration Cleaning
Compressed air is used for reverse air jet purging to keep filters clean and extend the Lifetime, and reduce downtime.
Shot Blasting
Compressed air is used as a safe medium heavy duty sandblasting in the construction industry to clean ship hulls, oil tanks, bridges and steel constructions. For smaller or more delicate surfaces it is used in conjunction with dry ice or soda blasting unit.
Pneumatic Drilling, Ramming or Piling Machines
Compressed air is used with or without hydraulic power to operate drill rigs in stone and mineral quarries, mines, water wells, but also for ramming steel structures and piling road barriers.
Concrete Conveying or Spraying
This is used at construction sites that are difficult to reach directly with concrete mixers, either because they are too remote or too high. Typically on mobile units. Air is also used to clean the delivery tube to remove remove concrete waste. Concrete spraying is used to fix rocky hills to avoid landslides, as well as being used in the construction of tunnels. Plaster can also sprayed.
Air Conditioning
Compressed air used for control systems to operate the opening and closing of control valves.
Air Operated Tools
Air is used as an ignition free medium to power tools down mines.
Ventilation Systems
Used for safe operation of ventilation systems in hazardous mine environments.
Compressed air is used as a safe medium heavy duty blasting in the construction industry.