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James Cutting Interview to TEXtalks about Ultima

Founded in 1859, “Gardner Denver” is an American worldwide provider of industrial equipment, technologies and related parts and services to a broad and diverse customer base through a family of brands. 

James Cutting is business line manager for oil free compressors and EMEA Nitrogen generation specialist for “Gardner Denver CompAir.” James Cutting is responsible for 24 countries and works on his 100% for the local exclusive partners in each of these countries.

TEXtalks: What is the basic concept for the next generation compressor ULTIMA?
James Cutting- ULTIMA has been described as the single biggest leap in oil free technology over the last 20 years. I think everybody is familiar with the twin screw oil free concept which is using a single motor and a mechanical gear box to provide compressed air. Over the last 15 years, the oil free market has increased rapidly. As industry standards have increased, especially in high-end applications such as your pharmaceuticals, your food, beverage, automotive and also especially now the textile industries, as the air jet looms becoming more critical with the quality of air and the industry has now moved towards oil free compressors. So Gardner Denver CompAir, over the last 10 years, have invested an incredible amount of results and funding into developing the next generation of compressed air compressors and ULTIMA is the latest addition to our already exciting portfolio.

TEXtalks: What is the energy efficiency comparison between the newly developed ULTIMA and the previous compressors?
James Cutting- Obviously we had some very strict design criteria for ULTIMA product, not just the ULTIMA, but all of our oil free compressors. The total cost of ownership is probably the single biggest concern of any customer. How much cost is the instalment of the machine? How much is the cost to run the machine? And also how much is the cost to maintain a machine? So we look at the total cost of the ownership. What we did is that we looked into the best in class oil free compressors in the market today and we benchmarked it. So we are the benchmark on what exists in the market today and obviously, with ULTIMA we have to exceed that.

So we looked at energy efficiency, we looked at how we can increase the performance of specific power for per cubic meter from may be 1% to 2% up to double digits. These are very good speed machines, so many of the flow and pressure bands, we are better than 10% or 12% against our closest competitors. We won’t stop there, this is the start and we will take this saving now and we will increase that in the future. We already have development programs in the way, because we believe that the traditional screw compressor has not changed in 20 years. We have set the base line now for the performance and we will continue to raise that power.

TEXtalks: What are the main factors pushing you for this new development?
James Cutting- The main factor was the market, the actual customer market. They were asking for a product which was better than what was already available on the market today. We have the twin screw compressor; we have the dry cleaner and the D-series, which is using a single motor, single dry shaft into a mechanical gear box which then controls the speed of your first stage and second stage air-runs.

The problem is when you have a mechanical link between stage one and stage two; you cannot ensure optimum efficiency at both stages. May be when stage one is operating at maximum efficiency point and stage two is actually operating way out of that. So what we did is, we looked at how can we control both speed of stage one and stage two independently and the only way you can do that is to remove the mechanical link which is the mechanical gear box and that is what we have done with ULTIMA.

TEXtalks: What is the key to your success in the market?
James Cutting- Many of our customers and business comes from our existing customers so trust is fundamental. If a customer had a bad experience he would often choose to move away from the supplier. So supplying a compressor or supplying the system is only the first part of a relationship. We will always continue to grow a relationship with our customer to ensure that they are not only getting the optimum performance but also that they are getting the highest level of local support. Often the work starts, not when you specifying the system, it actually starts when the system is installed.

TEXtalks: How do you see Pakistani market for your products?
James Cutting- Pakistani market, right now is one of the most exciting markets we are operating in. As I said earlier we have our local teams in place, we have local sales guys, sales engineers, service technicians, and also we have a regional team based in UAE. I am pleased to say at any given week fair of the year, there is a corporate member of my team in Pakistan. Historically, Pakistan has always been in the top five of our markets within the Middle East. I am pleased to say right now that Pakistani market will be, I believe, by the end of this year either number one or number two.