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Maintain Now, Save Forever

Follow These Maintenance Practices to Realize Savings & Prolong Air Compressor Life

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James Cutting Interview to TEXtalks about Ultima

Founded in 1859, “Gardner Denver” is an American worldwide provider of industrial equipment, technologies and related parts and services to a broad and diverse customer base through a family of brands. 

James Cutting is business line manager for oil free compressors and EMEA Nitrogen generation specialist for “Gardner Denver CompAir.” James Cutting is responsible for 24 countries and works on his 100% for the local exclusive partners in each of these countries
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4 Ways to Extend Your Air Compressor’s Life

Intelligent management of maintenance and operations of the plant’s compressed air system helps increase plant uptime, reduce unplanned shutdowns and help keep the plant profits and employee morale at peak levels.
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Compressed Air Systems – 10 Steps to Save Energy

The most expensive component in the total cost of compressed air is energy. In fact, over the lifespan of a typical compressor, energy typically costs several times more than the purchase price of the compressor. The bottom line, maximizing energy efficiency saves you money.
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The Future of Plastics and Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is an exciting technological advancement that has the potential to contribute significantly to the future of plastic. Through nanotechnology, special Nano composites can be created that will be more dent, heat, and scratch resistant. Yet, the thermoplastic resins used to create the plastic can still be processed with the same equipment currently used to process resins

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Myths and Facts About Compressed Air

Myth: it is safe to clean dirt and debris from a work area using compressed air.

Fact: No. This is an unsafe practice. Cleaning a work area using compressed air could result in serious injury as a result of particulate striking or entering the eyes, ears or skin. A safer alternative is to use a vacuum, mop or broom to remove dirt and debri
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An Air Audit can pin point wastages in your Compressed Air System

Compressed air systems are used extensively in Textile industry to provide compressed air for processes ranging from spinning, weaving, hosiery, dyeing etc.  

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Seven Rules for Improving Textile Product Quality by Improving Quality of Compressed Air 

In today’s textile economy, much has been written on how important it is for Pakistani manufacturers to improve productivity and increase profits.

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Nano Spinning Tech For High Value Technical Textiles

Nano-engineered functional textiles are going to revolutionize the clothing that you’ll wear. The potential of nanotechnology in the development of new materials in the textile industry is considerable

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Air Quality & Quantity are Both Necessary for Textile Quality Production

Millions of miles of fabric are produced every year using compressed air driven spinning machines and air jet looms. Ensuring a quality stream of compressed air is essential in minimizing fabric staining and production loss

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Why Nitrogen Is Better than Argon for Wine Production

A question often asked in the wine and grape industry is: which is better for wine production, nitrogen or argon? Both are inert gases at room temperature, and both are used for blanketing wine and flushing or purging tanks. 

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