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CGMP Complaint Compressor Air Generation

Woodward Pakistan (Private) Ltd. Relies on CompAir for Quality Compressed Air

Rastgar and CompAir, have a complete range of compressors designed to provide totally oil-free air to the highest quality standards, with class-leading efficiency to help customer achieve these goals.


W.Woodward Pakistan (Private) Ltd. has been engaged in manufacturing of reknown Woodward’s Gripe Water and other quality medicines. Today the company is recognized as the leading name not only in child health care but, all we promise is health care at any stage for any age since some new rational formulations for adults and  geriatrics have now made it possible to serve the entire ailing humanity. The company has wide products range comprising syrups, suspensions, drops, solutions, tablets, capsules etc.

Besides Gripe Water, another product

A Sterlie Environment Is Essential In The Pharmacy Industry. So when It Comes To Compressed Air, Only Oil Free Will do.

Calwood – C, Calcium plus Vitamin C powder, is very popular as it effectively regulates the body metabolism by supplement calcium deficiency conditions. Moreover, vitamin C added to this formulation enhances iron absorption.

Producing pharmaceuticals strictly in accordance with CGMP and maintaining world class standards have become the hallmark of Woodward not only in Pakistan but internationally as well. W. Woodward Pakistan now active in exports and its products are well known in Sri Lanka, Gulf and Middle East countries.

Equipped with the latest technology in producing pharmaceuticals, state-of-art production plant and highly sophisticated electronic equipments ensure quality control. Woodward is now capable of fulfilling both local and international demands because of its vast production capacity.