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Enhancing Compressor Effectiveness – CompAir Solutions at the Jamal Fabrics

L132RS-13A V3 400V/50HZ/IP55 Euro. Std.
L 110- 10A V3 400V/50Hz/IP55 Euro.Std.

Enhancing Compressor Effectiveness – CompAir Solutions at the Jamal Fabrics

The Combined Operation of Fixed and Variable Speed Compressors Allows the Controller to Use the Individual Advantages of Each Compressor

The high output in-house made Airend with slow rotational speed combined with the energy saving IE 3 electric motor delivers optimum energy efficiency. The RS (regulated speed) efficiently handles the varying air demand found in Jamal Fabrics air systems.
The compressors incorporate quality components, such as high performance separator filter, large surface after cooler and thermostatically controlled motor driven fan. The design concept is not only based on energy efficiency but also on high availability and low maintenance costs. Therefore these packages ensure all service points are easily accessible. The reduced number of moving parts contributes to lower maintenance costs additionally.

CompAir Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors Incorporate the Very Latest Technological Advances and Guarantee A Continuous Supply of High Quality Compressed Air.

Jamal Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd. is serving the textile procurement needs of textile importers worldwide since 1970s. In doing so, it has gained the trust and respect of textile importers all over the world as well reputed organizations among the leading exporters of textile products from Pakistan.
Jamal Fabrics is located in Lahore. Its production facilities include the whole manufacturing process weaving and stitching but they out source dying, bleaching and printing facilities