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New CompAir AXLE Desiccant Air Dryers Launched – Highest Quality Air at Lowest Costs

CompAir AXLE Desiccant Air Dryers Launched

The New CompAir AXLE compressed air dryer has been specifically designed to provide all of the benefits of the A-Series heatless adsorption dryer with the additional benefits of lower energy costs and lower environmental impact via its vacuum regeneration method, allowing around 17% more of the generated clean, dry compressed air to be used across the plant.

This is achieved by adding a vacuum assisted system.

The A-Series modular compressed air dryers – a dedicated solution for every application
By combining the proven benefits of desiccant drying with modern design, CompAir provides an extremely compact and reliable system to totally dry and clean compressed air.

At the heart of any compressed air treatment solution is the dryer, it’s purpose, to remove water vapour, stop condensation, corrosion and in the case of adsorption dryers, inhibit the growth of micro-organisms. The CompAir A-Series of heatless regenerative adsorption dryers have proven to be the ideal solution for many thousands of compressed air users worldwide in a wide variety of industries.

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