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New L30/L30RS, L37/L37RS & L45/L45RS (FRAME 3) Fixed & Regulated Speed Compressors

CompAir new L series compressors L30/L30RS, L37/L37RS & L45/L45RS has ben officially launched and ready to order.

The new versatile range from 30 to 45 kW can be configured to meet the customers’ efficiency requirements.

The E-models feature a larger airend delivering highest efficiency levels. The regulated speed models save energy by matching the output to the plant air demand. All fixed speed models are available with integrated dryer option.

Pressure range: 5 to 13 bar
Volume flow: 1.33 to 8.67 m³/min
Motor power: 30 to 45 kW

Premium efficiency airends

The high output airends with slow rotational speed reduces energy costs. In addition to this, the innovative design of the fail safe shaft seal, integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve, ensures external hoses are reduced to a minimum to guarantee that the highest levels of quality and reliability are achieved. Depending on the required efficiency level this range is available with standard and premium size airend. The larger airend achieves up to 6% energy savings compared to the standard size airend.

High efficiency electric motor
Thes new models are equipped with an energy saving IE4 electric motor as standard.