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Oil-Free Air Saves Manufacturing Costs

Oil-Free Air Saves Manufacturing Costs

CompAir Oil-Free Air Compressors are Ideal for Pharmaceuticals

Certified to deliver ISO 8573-1 Class 0, 100% oil-free air, CompAir air compressors are ideal for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automotive and others that require unpolluted environments.
Benefits of using oil-free air in the manufacturing process include eliminating contamination throughout the plant, resulting in prolonged equipment life, and lowering downstream filtration requirements and pressure drops.

Healthtek (PVT) Ltd.(AD-Marchant)

The Cephalosporin facility is dedicated entirely to this class of antibiotics. The plant is situated in Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, and operates under the name of Healthtek (Pvt.) Ltd. The plant consists of three floors. Each floor is dedicated to separate set of activities, which increases the integrity of the production process, allowing manufacturing of high quality products. The production area adheres to required standard of hygiene and maintenance. The integrity of the ampoule products (solvents) is also ensured through a state of art optical checking machine. It visually inspects filled ampoules and points out particulate contamination if any, fill level, leaks, and cosmetic defects.

Critical applications Air Quality to ISO 8573.1: 2001 Class 1.1.1 Class 1.2.1Class 1.3.1 At Application