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Rotary Vane

The Hydrovane series rotary sliding vane compressors are reliable, versatile, powerful, and cost effective.

Hydrovane provides compressed air and gas solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications and markets around the globe.

Hydrovane is a Gardner Denver, Inc company – a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered compressors, blowers, pumps and other fluid transfer equipment.

Hydrovane can be found throughout all sectors of industry, including automotive, food and beverage, energy and manufacturing (engineering, woodworking and processing industries) to name but a few, with specialist solutions within transit, gas and snow. In fact they are the perfect business solution to meet your requirements for reliable, high quality compressed air or gas.

The low noise levels of the Hydrovane compressor means that they can be installed right alongside your equipment. Models are available in either an open format or fitted with enclosure panels that further reduce noise levels.


Hydrovane provides versatile energy efficient air and gas compression within a wide range of industries and applications.

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Advance 10 Warranty

The Hydrovane Advance 10 warranty is valid for up to 10 years or 48,000 operating hours* and is free to the compressor owner.

In order to maintain the Advance 10 warranty you must ensure that only genuine Hydrovane parts, service kits and lubricants provided by an authorized Hydrovane service provider are used in the service and repair of the compressor, and that the full service schedule is delivered.

Key Points – Advance 10

  • Up to 10 years or 48,000 operating hours* (Covering the Air End only) of extended warranty cover on new 4 kW-75 kW Hydrovane compressors. Package unit parts are covered for up to 5 years or 24,000 operating hours*only. Downstream equipment (Branded CompAir or Hydrovane) is covered for up to 2 years or 10,000 operating hours* only.
  • The Advance 10 warranty is totally free to the compressor owner.
  • All blades are covered by a lifetime guarantee.
  • The authorized Hydrovane service provider will deliver a guaranteed quality of service.
  • A service agreement underpinning Advance 10 will enable accurate maintenance budgeting and cost of ownership.
  • Optimum uptime providing complete peace of mind.
  • The use of genuine Hydrovane parts, service kits and lubricants will maximize compressor life and efficiency.
  • The Advance 10 warranty programme is available in all countries outside North America, who operate their own programme called Platinum Warranty.
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Rotary Vane Principle

Click the graphic to see the Rotary vane principle animation, once opened click the green button to start

  • Air is drawn in through the intake valve.
  • Air is contained between the rotor and stator wall
  • Air is compressed by decreasing volume. Lubricant is continually injected to cool, seal and lubricate.
  • High pressure air passes into the primary oil separator.
  • Remaining traces of lubricant are removed in a final separator element, ensuring high quality air.
  • System air passes through the after cooler, removing most of the condensate.
  • Lubricant is circulated by differential air pressure (No lubricant pump required). It passes through an air-blast lubricant cooler and filter before being returned to the compressor
  • Air flow is regulated by an in built modulation system.

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