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R-Series: High-Output Two-Stage Piston Compressors

High-output two-stage piston compressors

State-of-the-art oil-free technology

R-SeriePiston compression is known for its excellent energy efficiency, and CompAir has consolidated and at the same time consistently developed this proven technology to maintain its cutting edge. High-quality, robust construction along with excellent efficiency means that payback times are short. With its long economic life cycle, The R-Series continues to supply affordable compressed air, year after year.



  • Potential energy savings of up to 20%
  • Robust and durable technology
  • High reliability
  • Easy to maintain
  • High quality oil-free air
  • Comprehensive electronic control
  • Open or with noise-reduced housing



he design of the double-acting high-performance piston compressor brings about a big reduction in electrical input power, at both full and half load. Rapid switching from full load to half load and back again ensures a flexible response to compressed air demand and a low pressure difference in the network. At the same time off-load losses are minimised, at just 8-9% of generating capacity in the case of piston compressors. The significant energy savings result from the low input power at full load, the narrow pressure band and the low off-load losses.

Being wired ready for connection the units are easy to install and require no additional foundation


Delcos 3100-R comprehensive electronic control system

DELCOS-3100The multilingual control system ensures safe and reliable operation and continuously monitors the operating parameters to protect the investment.

  • Menu-driven, user-friendly microprocessor control with plain text display
  • Status display
  • Half-load/full-load control
  • Fault memory as standard
  • Maintenance interval monitoring
  • Base load sequencing for up to five units
  • Timer control



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