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Aftermarket and Service

Rastgar & Co Aftermarket is a dedicated business with the focus of delivering service and parts to maintain CompAir equipment at peak efficiency. A reliable back up of inventory for equipment used by our customers is maintained and also backed up by a speedy delivery from our equipment suppliers.

We have experienced and well trained service engineers, ensuring you have the best possible support around the clock, seven days a week.

For customers who have service contracts, timely alerts are sent for replenishment of their own spares inventories for effective predictive maintenance.

Genuine Spare Parts

By using genuine spare parts, you are using components manufactured to the highest specification and using non-genuine parts could lead to an expensive breakdown at a later date. Rastgar & Co ensure your parts arrive in the quickest possible time.

Rastgar & Co is only authorized distributor of CompAir genuine parts in Pakistan. Read more . . .

Non-Genuine Parts Cost Simulators

A few customers still opt to use Non-Genuine Parts. They see that initially they are cheaper and believe they are saving their company, however they fail to realise :-

  • Parts only account for 6% of Total Cost of Ownership
  • The Largest Ownership Cost is Energy
  • The Effect Non Genuine Parts Has on Energy Costs

Are Non-Genuine Parts The Cheapest Solution? See Presentation

Cost Of Using Non Genuine Air / Oil Separators See Video

Cost Of Using Non Genuine Air Filters See Video

Cost Of Using Non Genuine  Oil Filters See Video


Rastgar & Co and CompAir offer a wide range of warranty options to suit your exact requirements.. Read more . . .


Lubricants are a key component of any lubricated rotary compressor. Too often this vital element of the compressor package is misunderstood and under valued by the machine owner. The temptation to look for cheaper alternatives often replaces prudence and common sense, leading to poor performance and costly repairs. Read more . . .